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We Operate Off West Coast Time!!

EX: Booking at 5pm EST will be an appointment for 3pm PST
If you are on the east coast when booking your appointment know that it will be booked under the west coast time slot


All piercings are done by appointment
Always expect a bit of discomfort, but it should never be overwhelming.
Consult with your piercer about any physical activities. Swimming and contact sports are not recommended as they can irritate the piercing, and you cant remove the piercing during healing process.
No children under 5 years old. We ask that you build the childs confidence before your appointment as it makes the process as smooth as possible. If applicant backs out a 10$ fee will still be charged
It depends on the piercing. We recommend consulting your piercer about the healing process specific to your piercing. Switching jewelry before the recommended time frame can result in possible infection or rejection of the piercing